Monday, May 6, 2013

Books my Children LOVE!

My kids are readers...they get it from me, and so for birthday I always make sure and get them books! They actually ASK for them...and in this blog I am going to share some of their favorites...

Stories from Around the World...$14.99

Traditional stories from all around the world are gathered here in this magical collection. Tales of brave heroes and heroines are retold alongside tales of wonderful magic, of strange and faithful creatures, and of how things first began.

This is my 8 year olds favorite book. She has read it about 100 times and when she gets her 15 minutes to read before bed, 9 times out of 10 this is the book she reads. 

Beauty and the Beast (Picture Book) $9.99

When Beauty's father steals a rose from the garden of an enchanted castle, he makes a fearsome enemy. Only Beauty can save her father from certain death. But what fate lies in store for her at the castle of the monstrous Beast?

This one is always a favorite, especially since it has pictures. Who doesn't love a book with pictures?

When they were little they were obsessed with cats and so naturally

A wonderful book full of pictures of cute little kittens washing, sleeping, leaping, eating and playing. Very young children will love looking at the delicate illustrations and charming photos of kittens washing, sleeping, leaping, eating and playing. With simple text descriptions of what is happening on each page.

I have always gone to Usborne when I've needed books for the girls. They even have books for middle school and up as well as the accelerated reading program! Reasonably priced they get two thumbs up from this proud mom of happy readers!