Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jamming with Jamberry

Tired of messy nail polish?

Tired of accidentally knocking it over and making a mess (that maybe just me :) )

I got the privilege to try Jamberry Nail Shields by Becky.

I can not grow my finger nails to save my life.  Mostly because I tend to bite them or clip them.  I know. If I want nails I have to buy them.  Which is very costly. Very.

I don't do nail polish- well- I don't do it well lol.

I'm too impatient- I can't wait for it to dry and I always make a mess and smear it.

This is where Jamberry is a life saver.  I will put this disclosure out there- I do not own a nail file, I can't stand to use them, so my attempt did not turn out as well as yours will.

But still- I think they are lovely.

The application process is quick and easy and the most high tech gadget you need is a hair dryer.  I've posted pictures below.

Very sweet note from Becky with the samples.  Thanks Becky!

Very easy and straight forward application and removal instructions.  Step by step and very easy to follow. 

Okay, these are some cute samples. Let's see how far you can get with one!

First nail down. 

It literally took me about a minute. 

Like I said- I don't own a nail file so I can't do the fine cleaning up of the sides like I should be able to but still, I am please with how these came out in the (maybe) 5 minutes it took me to apply them.  One nail shield was enough for me to complete all four nails.  I have been told by friends who have tried them that they last anywhere from 2-3 weeks or longer depending on how well you apply them. 

Here are the nail shields I will be trying next!

Want to get your own pair? Visit Here! Want to get nail shields at a discount? Host a Party!

Questions? Contact Becky!

All'asta- Found, Collected, and most definitely LOVED.

As most of you know I have been on the search for the best products- at the best prices- and showing you how great they are- and how to get them at a steal.

Today I want to introduce you to All'asta.

 Today' product is put out by All'asta and was sent by the amazing Barbara Baker! Now I am going to show what I product I got- and what I got in it- and then I am going to show you what is on my wish list- and I will be fulfilling those wishes soon!

I am pleased as punch to introduce you to the MYSTERY BAG!

 Okay- so let me tell you, not only was it super fun to be surprised but I got some of the cutest stuff....and trust me...I am ALLLLLLL about cute stuff at a great price.  The Mystery Bag is $25 and you get item(s) valued at over $40 (plus the bag is re-usable which is a plus). Here is what I got in my Mystery Bag!

Ok- so super cute- and I love anything draw string- it just makes my life easier- and let me just say it was way heavier than I thought!

Is this not just the cutest purse! It's made my Karma (haha) and has a super long strap (which is also a must for me) and is very sturdy (which is not a bad thing trust me!) but it is cute enough and simple enough and stylish enough that I can take it anywhere!

 Okay- this has to be my favorite- its a weighted decoration but I mean seriously? IT'S FREAKING ADORABLE! From the top hat to the mustache to the tie, I freaking love it! I mean- its adorable- I'm sorry this has to be my new favorite decoration in my house.  Who doesn't love a good mustache decoration.

This is what was in my Mystery Bag and seriously, I would have paid $25 for the dapper little decoration above, much less the purse. So I definitely know that the Myster Bag is worth a purchase.

Wanna know what I'm getting next? Take a peek below!

I have a love affair with these plates. They are fun, they are colorful and they have matching bowls.  Everything I love about dishes. Oh and coffee cups? I'm alllllll there!

These bags? They are a need, and not just a want, especially the first one (with the M).  That pattern calls to me and says "Buy me. Use me every day." Who can resist that call?

Seriously. Polka Dots (ALLLLL me) and Ice Cream (again ALLLLLL me) why would I not get these bowls? They would be much loved (and used) in my house. I may have to get two sets!

Want your own Mystery Bag? Contact Barbara Baker today to order one! Want to get these great products at a discount? Host a Party!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Being Alive

Someone to hold you too close
Someone to hurt you too deep
Someone to sit in your chair
to ruin your sleep
Someone to need you too much
Someone to know you too well
Someone to pull you up short
And put you through hell
Someone you have to let in
Someone who's feelings you spare
Someone who like it or not
will want you to share
a little, a lot
Someone to crowd you with love
Someone to force you to care
Someone to make you come through
will always be there,
As frightened as you, of
Being alive
Being alive
Being alive
Being alive
Somebody hold me too close
Somebody hurt me too deep
Somebody sit in my chair
And ruin my sleep
And make me aware of
Being alive... being alive
Somebody need me too much
Somebody know me too well
Somebody pull me up short
And put me through hell
And give me support for being alive
Make me alive
Make me alive,
make me confused
Mock me with praise,
let me be used
Vary my days,
but alone is alone,
Not alive!
Somebody crowd me with love
Somebody force me to care
Somebody let me come through
I'll always be there,
Frightened as you,
To help us survive being alive
Being alive
Being alive
Being alive

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finding Your Style with Miche!

We all have heard the jokes about girls and their purses....


most are true!

But what if I told you that you could match any outfit in your closet with only a single bag.

No more boxes of purses....

No more racks of purses..

Just one single bag to match them all!

It's true! Miche has the purse for everyone!

I am very pleased to introduce Debbi Clark Richards and her fantastically stylish Miche products!

From purses, to jewelry, to accessories Miche really is your one stop shop!

To create your versitile one of the kind look you start with a base bag. 


A Base Bag is the sturdy and practical foundation on which to build your Miche fashion Shells collection: it’s the only purse you’ll ever need! Each size is specially-designed with you and your individual needs in mind. 

For this review I chose the :
The Prima Base Bag is 5" (wide) x 15"(long) x 12" (tall). Handles pictured come with the bag and are 20 3/4" long and 1" wide, with a 10" handle drop. Features two small interior open pockets, one medium open pocket, one large zippered pocket, four credit card slots and two pen holders.

Price:  $39.95

Super cute with plenty of pockets and space to hold all the things that a girl needs...including the kitchen sink!

Next step....the shell.... and this is where the fun can start with a base bag and one shell and then add a new shell to your collection every month!  The possibilities are super cute, super fun and completely personalized!  With 33 shells currently available for my base bag and new styles being added all the time it is possible to have a "different" purse every week!

With the voices of the few we salute the millions by supporting the fight against cancer. This Hope Shell for Prima Bags features black and white inspirational quotes from cancer survivors on faux leather. Know you are helping! A portion of ever purchase of the Hope Shell goes to support our Hope Initiative.
Base bag and handles not included.

Price:  $44.95

So with this you can mix and match for any day of the week or season of the year!

Want to save even MORE money? Miche has bundle options for discounts! See them here! The Getting Started Bundle is popular with first-time buyers. You get two looks/styles, and save up to $25, depending on what size you choose.

I always advocate that if you are interested in trying a product that you host an Online Party with the Representative.  This gives you all the benefits of an actual home party with half the work. 

Hostess Rewards for Miche are as follows:

$200-$399 in party sales = $20 in credit plus 50% off 1 item. 
$400-$599 in sales = $50 credit, plus 2 items 50% off. 
$600-$799 in sales = $100 credit, plus 3 items 50% off. 
$800-$999 sales = $150 credit, plus 3 items 50% off. 
$1000 in sales = $200 credit plus 4 items 50% off. 

Also, you can use their credit amounts as purchase power to become a representative for Miche! The starter kit has been reduced from $199 to $149, and is worth $328 in product!! Not only do you get everything you need to start with Miche but you get product as well! If you are interested in becoming a Miche Representative please click here!

Pink Papaya?!

Yes! You heard me! Pink Papaya!

Move over Clinique, Lancome and L'Oreal!
Yeah, that's right....just move on over with your high prices and products full of chemicals.....there is a new face product in town and it's totally PINK PAPAYA!
Here are just a few products that I can not live without anymore!
  • white willow bark, juniper berry and lemon peel naturally cleanse, tone and clam problematic skin
  • fruit acids, papaya and microbeads eliminate dead skin that clogs pores
  • apply a dime sized amount of scrub onto moistened face and neck
  • gently smooth over dampened face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes
  • rinse thoroughly
  • follow with a Pink Papaya facial moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type
  • use two to three times per week to remove lifeless skin cells and brighten complexion, especially suitable for oil-prone skin types
  • stimulates circulation and helps maintain the skin's elasticity
  • acacia, elderberry, linden, sea buckthorn, olive leaf and hibiscus stimulate circulation, hydrates and soothes skin
  • use after cleansing and toning with Pink Papaya’s Normal to Dry cleanser and toner
  • apply a small amount of moisturizer to fingertips and gently massage onto face and neck until product has absorbed into the skin
  • use every evening
Now- we all know how much moisturizers cost...the good ones...and I feel this price is very comparable. It also doesn't leave my skin feeling clogged or oily or slippery.  I have had the one bottle of moisturizer for well over 6 months and it is still more than half way full...that literally is maybe a couple of dollars a month when you break it down. 

Pink Papaya's products are made with essential oils and natural fruit and flower extracts. We offer paraben free products from head-to-toe. Our products not only smell amazing, they feel amazing!  

I use to just buy whatever was cheapest at the grocery store and my skin really paid for it!  Then one day I met Becky Richardson in a Direct Sale Group.  She invited me to throw a Pink Papaya party and try the products ever since then I am hooked! 

I have mostly oily skin- so I use a lot of their combination products.  This first product never leaves my shower and I make sure that I always have at least two on hand for back ups in case I go anywhere!

5 oz.

The custom blend of extracts and fruit acids exfoliate blemish-prone skin, removing excess oils and leaving skin clean and glowing.

Suggested Product Use

Ok- so I know you are thinking- $18.50?!?!?! But trust me....I have used the jar that I have open right now for over 2 months and that is WITH daily really does last...and when you break it down...$9.25 a month for AH-MAZING skin and a light clean scent, with those lovely little scrubber microbeads it is totally worth it....  a comparable brand at the store is likely to run you twice as much...unless you go with the cheap brand that is full of harmful chemicals!

So as per the instructions you are suppose to follow with  a Pink Papaya facial moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type!

Here's mine!
1.7 oz. Price: $33.00

Help repair your skin with resveratrol extract, wake up refreshed and hydrated
Suggested Product Use

Pink Papaya has also come out with a Hair Care Line  that I haven't tried yet....but I am more than ready to throw another Pink Papaya online party and earn Free Product and some half price items!

I always advocate that if you are interested in trying a product that you host an Online Party with the Representative.  This gives you all the benefits of an actual home party with half the work. 

Here is a break down of Pink Papaya's hostess rewards!

So what are you waiting for? Contact Becky today and set up your party!

Foxy Fundangles....

No it isn't a lingerie shop or even an adult's the best hand crafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and purse charms ever is run by my dear friend Cori.....Cori who is steadily feeding my addiction to all things retro.....this is the CUSTOM necklace she made for me...for only $10...that's right $10!!! How many artists do you know that will make a customer piece for only $10? And ones that looks THIS AWESOME!!

I mean how amazing is this? I love it!

So go over to her Facebook and get her to make you something fabulous as well or visit her new EBAY SHOP!!! New Openings – Apply Now is a group of consumers from throughout the United States who influence future products and services by volunteering to participate in consumer research. By sharing your opinions about products and services, you are rewarded with Reward Points to redeem for cash and merchandise. CLICK HERE to apply.

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FREE Atkins Quick Start Kit

Register now for your FREE Quick-Start kit and 3 FREE Atkins Bars! This offer is limited to U.S. and Canadian residents only. Limit one kit per household per year while quantities last. Canadian residents can order a Canadian kit.