Saturday, April 26, 2014

All'asta- Found, Collected, and most definitely LOVED.

As most of you know I have been on the search for the best products- at the best prices- and showing you how great they are- and how to get them at a steal.

Today I want to introduce you to All'asta.

 Today' product is put out by All'asta and was sent by the amazing Barbara Baker! Now I am going to show what I product I got- and what I got in it- and then I am going to show you what is on my wish list- and I will be fulfilling those wishes soon!

I am pleased as punch to introduce you to the MYSTERY BAG!

 Okay- so let me tell you, not only was it super fun to be surprised but I got some of the cutest stuff....and trust me...I am ALLLLLLL about cute stuff at a great price.  The Mystery Bag is $25 and you get item(s) valued at over $40 (plus the bag is re-usable which is a plus). Here is what I got in my Mystery Bag!

Ok- so super cute- and I love anything draw string- it just makes my life easier- and let me just say it was way heavier than I thought!

Is this not just the cutest purse! It's made my Karma (haha) and has a super long strap (which is also a must for me) and is very sturdy (which is not a bad thing trust me!) but it is cute enough and simple enough and stylish enough that I can take it anywhere!

 Okay- this has to be my favorite- its a weighted decoration but I mean seriously? IT'S FREAKING ADORABLE! From the top hat to the mustache to the tie, I freaking love it! I mean- its adorable- I'm sorry this has to be my new favorite decoration in my house.  Who doesn't love a good mustache decoration.

This is what was in my Mystery Bag and seriously, I would have paid $25 for the dapper little decoration above, much less the purse. So I definitely know that the Myster Bag is worth a purchase.

Wanna know what I'm getting next? Take a peek below!

I have a love affair with these plates. They are fun, they are colorful and they have matching bowls.  Everything I love about dishes. Oh and coffee cups? I'm alllllll there!

These bags? They are a need, and not just a want, especially the first one (with the M).  That pattern calls to me and says "Buy me. Use me every day." Who can resist that call?

Seriously. Polka Dots (ALLLLL me) and Ice Cream (again ALLLLLL me) why would I not get these bowls? They would be much loved (and used) in my house. I may have to get two sets!

Want your own Mystery Bag? Contact Barbara Baker today to order one! Want to get these great products at a discount? Host a Party!