Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jamming with Jamberry

Tired of messy nail polish?

Tired of accidentally knocking it over and making a mess (that maybe just me :) )

I got the privilege to try Jamberry Nail Shields by Becky.

I can not grow my finger nails to save my life.  Mostly because I tend to bite them or clip them.  I know. If I want nails I have to buy them.  Which is very costly. Very.

I don't do nail polish- well- I don't do it well lol.

I'm too impatient- I can't wait for it to dry and I always make a mess and smear it.

This is where Jamberry is a life saver.  I will put this disclosure out there- I do not own a nail file, I can't stand to use them, so my attempt did not turn out as well as yours will.

But still- I think they are lovely.

The application process is quick and easy and the most high tech gadget you need is a hair dryer.  I've posted pictures below.

Very sweet note from Becky with the samples.  Thanks Becky!

Very easy and straight forward application and removal instructions.  Step by step and very easy to follow. 

Okay, these are some cute samples. Let's see how far you can get with one!

First nail down. 

It literally took me about a minute. 

Like I said- I don't own a nail file so I can't do the fine cleaning up of the sides like I should be able to but still, I am please with how these came out in the (maybe) 5 minutes it took me to apply them.  One nail shield was enough for me to complete all four nails.  I have been told by friends who have tried them that they last anywhere from 2-3 weeks or longer depending on how well you apply them. 

Here are the nail shields I will be trying next!

Want to get your own pair? Visit Here! Want to get nail shields at a discount? Host a Party!

Questions? Contact Becky!