Monday, May 13, 2013

Make Up Monday!

Good morning lovely ladies, it's time for Makeup Monday!

This week we will be tweeting and posting about makeup through the ages. Today we are focusing on the 1920s.

During the 20s everything Egyptian became popular due to the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun and the unveiling many incredible artifacts. It was learned that Tutankhamun wife, Ankhesenamun (Queen of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt) wore very heavy eyeliner! This started a trend in the western world, and for the first time eyeliner was used liberally and with great purpose. Women were applying eyeliner with gusto to get the trendy Egyptian queen look. Film stars such as Louise Brooks, Clara Bow and Marion Davis were some of the first to pioneered the lined eye.

How to get that 20’s eye look! Edge the whole of the eye with our Pink Papaya Black Felt Tip eyeliner. Applying eyeliner is all about practice. Begin applying the eyeliner just next to the inside corner of your eye and almost rest the tip on the eyelashes to follow a straight line around the top of the eye. Extend the eyeliner past your eye only minimally, but generally in the direction so that if you did carry on drawing the line it would neatly meet the end of your eyebrow. On the bottom lid start lining just next to the inside corner of the eye and continue the line as close to your lashes as possible until it meets the eyeliner from the top of the eye. 

During the 1920s the grey scale eye shadows were mostly used. Using Platinum Mineral Shadow sweep it across the whole of the eyelid, finish where your eyeliner ends. Extend the shadow above the lid and closer to the brow. Smudge the edges to create a more blended, natural look. Using Cat’s Eye Quartz Mineral Shadow sweep from the midpoint of the lid outward to the corner. Blend, blend, blend! Finish the eyes by applying black mascara to both top and bottom lashes. Enjoy!