Friday, December 13, 2013

A Lesson in Being Thankful.....from the local YWCA

This week’s lesson is each girl drawing the name of a gift (not desirable gift) and writing a thank you note to Santa for it.  This teaches them how to be thankful even when what they have isn’t something they wanted.  Below are some of the notes:

For 1 sock:  Thank you for the 1 left sock.  Now I can make a sock puppet for my 2 baby cousins.

A paper plate:  Thank you for my paper plate.  Now I have something to eat on. I can also make a face on it.  Now I can scare my brother if I make a scary face on it.  This is the best Christmas gift ever.  I hope any other child can get the same paper plate as me.  I love my paper plate.

Empty shoebox:  Thank you 4 my precious shoebox.  I will put my lizard in there.

Half eaten bagel:  Thank you Santa for the eaten half bagel.  If it wasn’t half eaten, I would wrap it around my finger like a wedding ring and I would it into a present for my father.  He wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Paper towel tube:  Thank you for this paper towel tube.  I can use it for my hair to hold it because my hair is very long.  Even my sister will probably need it too.

Half a pack of post it notes:  Thank you for the post it notes, it really helped my life because I posted them everywhere!  On my house, floor, outside my house, on the trees, on my TV and even on my mom & sister.  I hope for the next Christmas you give me more packs of post it notes, for I can really post them EVERYWHERE!

Coat Hanger:  Thank you so very much for my awesome new coat hanger.  I can hang so many things now.  I can’t wait to go home & start putting shirts, pants, dresses, leggings, and skirts on an doff of my sweet new hanger.  Today I told everyone at school about my new hanger.  Thanks.

Old comic strip:  Thank you fort the old comic strip I will give it to the Grinch so he can have a good reason to laugh instead of him laughing when he does something bad.  Cause comic strips are funny so he can have a real reason to laugh.

Box of toothpicks:  I am grateful for getting a box of toothpicks because without toothpicks I would NOT be able to get the food that is stuck in my teeth.  I will be able to get it out because with toothpicks I can get food out of my teeth.  Without toothpicks I cannot get food out of my teeth.  S I am thankful for having toothpicks.

Old tire:  Well, thanks for my tire.  I will tie it on my tree an swing on it every day!

Fish heads:  Thank you so much for my fish heads.  When my sister gets me mad I will put them under her bed to scare her.  Love,

Half eaten apple:  Thank you for the half eaten apple.  I fed it to my dog and she really enjoyed it.  Thank you.

Thank you for these sunglasses that are missing a lens. I poked it out and now they are awesome glasses that go well with my mustage shirt and shorts.  HurrayJ

What an amazing activity!  And what positive attitudes these girls have.  I just couldn’t quit typing them for you to see.  We do have 400+ more if you want to see originalsJ  I hope I can be as thankful for gifts of this sort—concrete &/or life challenges.  I knew you’d appreciate seeing this.  You make the difference with all you do for the YWCA!