Thursday, August 15, 2013

Still Dating....

Since my first tragic post about a dating fail (read: Ranger). I haven't really talked about my dating exploits as much as as I had thought I would.

Mostly because they are damn depressing.

Here's is a brief synopsis

Typical- Sweet guy. Typical for South Texas. Not around a lot which is ideal but still, awesome guy. One of the few I can say I'm somewhat glad I met.

Big D.- Not short for what you think but still. I liked him. Like honest to goodness liked him. That was a relationship I could have gotten into even though he did live a bits away. However, I got the ol "I need to concentrate on my work" spiel (cough *liar* cough). Sad that one ended but glad it did after just 2 dates.

Boo, Cute, Contract, B.V. and one I know I am forgetting- crashed and burned before they started. Didn't even get to meet them. I can only imagine they are happy in the endeavors and wish them the best.

There has been several others that just didn't get anywhere due to whatever reason.

I have to run and do some things I'll probably post again in a little bit.