Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun Day Friday-

A friend of mine recently suggested that we have fun on Friday by messing with a friend of hers who happens to be a guy. I would text him pretending to be a girl he met the weekend before that he had given his number too, as she had actually hung out with him the weekend before she would provide me with the details that I needed to convince him he had actually met me.

What could go wrong.....right?

Well this turned out to be an interesting social experiment!

It started off with me texting him on Friday....I described myself as a blonde (I'm a red head) with short blonde hair, freckles and I was wearing khaki shorts and a green top...talking about where I had seen him,  what had happened...the whole nine.....

Then it got funny....

Are you ready for the funny part?


Other than the fabricated details of our alleged "meeting" everything we exchanged...was all my BBW glory, although ironically, size was never mentioned in our conversations....

Even my friend agreed that he seemed "interested". (Please remember this was all suppose to be in fun).

By the end of the weekend found us still chatting via text my friend Michelle (yeah that's not her name LOL) decided to come clean, that it was going too far. 

He wasn't upset, he even said he thought it was funny and to quote "too good to be true".

I was slightly insulted....albeit some would have taken that as a compliment....I was true! Everything I said was me...I faked nothing...I was just myself...

She explained this to him and even told him he'd met me before....I'm not sure if he remembered me or not...there's no telling. I heard from him up until yesterday. I haven't heard from him today. He's probably at work....maybe he'll text me later....neither one of us has mentioned that we both know it was a joke and that I'm not the blonde he thinks I am....

(This is not the blonde you are looking for...........)

So the next time I go there to hang out is going to be interesting....wonder if he'll remember me then!

This was never meant to be anything other than a joke and if nothing else we had a blast!

Fun Day Friday....

Next time it could be you