Monday, February 10, 2014

Yeah- I coupon- why don't you?

So several years ago I use to coupon hard core- I also had more room than I have now, more time than I have now and well more of everything that what I have now. But my friend Maria got me back into and this weekend we decided we were going to hit the stores and see what deals we could grab.

Well Stores ended up being CVS. I love CVS and there is one right next to my house so that makes it even better. Saving money and saving gas- win win!

I did three trips this weekend and here is my haul:

First Trip-

OOP- $7.48  TMC- Approximately $52

Second trip was after work...didn't grab as much but came out better with the OOP cost:

$1.77 OOPS   TMC- Approx $15-$20

My Last trip I got some big items, namely the Aveeno which retail for $7.49 a pop- and the Crest BE which is $4.99 a box. 
OOP:  $20.24  TMC: $53


All Laundry Pods- 4
Edge Shaving Cream- 4
Skintamite Shaving Cream- 1
Toothpaste- 6
Mouthwash- 2
Dawn Dish Soap- 8
Aveeno Body Wash- 3
Playtex Sport- 1

Approximate Cost of Merchandise: $125.00
Total Out of Pocket Cost: $29.49

That is 24% of the total cost meaning I saved 76%.

Yeah- I love couponing...

So yeah- I coupon.....

And why aren't you?