Tuesday, June 10, 2014

17 Personal Care Products You Will Never Have To Buy Again #4

17 Personal Care Products You Will Never Have To Buy Again

17 Personal Care Products You Will Never Have To Buy Again


deep hair conditioner
I decided to do something nice for ME today. It was a little out of character….and it felt a little strange…but overall it was great!
Several weeks ago I came across thisCoconut Oil Deep Conditioner hairtreatment at Veria.com and was intrigued. I wanted to give it a try…but something always came up. I swear…having a blog is like having a baby!  I hardly get any sleep and I’m lucky if I can get a shower in during any given day!
So today I decided to put “the baby” down for a nap and MAKE some time for this.
Mixing up the ingredients was a SNAP. Just three ingredients that you mix with a spoon. No heat required.
deep hair conditioner

After I mixed it up, I decided I would be really smart and put it in a plastic baggie so that I could “pipe” it onto my hair. I THOUGHT this would be less messy, but it really wasn’t. So I wouldn’t bother with this step next time. I’d just use my hands and glop it on that way. Either way it’s a little messy…but nothing that a little soap and water won’t wash right up.

deep hair conditioner

After applying the conditioner you’re supposed to cover your hair with a plastic bag or a shower cap, neither of which I had on hand at the time. So I ended up fashioning a turban of sorts out of plastic wrap! Now that was quite the sight! lol.  I toyed with the idea of taking a picture of my plastic-wrapped head…but I just couldn’t bring myself to. ;-)
Once your head is appropriately shrink-wrapped, then you’re supposed to apply heat with a hair dryer. I did this for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then you leave the conditioner on for 15 to 30 minutes. I got distracted by something (big surprise!) and ended up keeping it on about 45 minutes. After that I hopped in the shower and shampooed and conditioned as usual.
As I got out of the shower I wasn’t sure I could tell any difference while my hair was still wet…but by the time I was done drying my hair…I definitely noticed a difference! My hair felt much smoother and looked shinier. All afternoon I kept running my fingers over my hair because I wasn’t used to it FEELING so nice. I even snapped a picture so you could see my mostly gray hair looking extra smooth and shiny. (Which, as you know if youhave gray hair, is quite a
fete feat!)

coconut oil conditioner

So based on my one experience with this economicaleasy-to-makeall-naturalconcoction….
I can unequivocally say….

I’m a fan!

Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner

2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
3 drops of essential oil of your choice (I used peppermint. It smelled SO good!!)
Make sure all ingredients are room temperature —the coconut oil should be rich and thick.
Measure the coconut oil into a bowl and stir well. The heat from the mixing will give the oil a smooth texture.
Add the jojoba oil and continue to stir until the mixture is even and well-combined.
Add the essential oil. (Be careful, especially with kids; test essential oils on a small patch ofskin before using on a larger area to make sure there are no allergic reactions.) Stir all the ingredients together until they form a thick, oily mixture.
Apply to the hair from roots to ends, paying particular attention to any dry areas.
Cover hair with a plastic bag or shower cap and use a hair dryer to warm the hair. Leave on for 15-30 minutes.
Wash and condition hair as usual. Use it once a week for the fullest benefits.

If you’ve ever felt like THIS about your hair……….
tangled hair

…….here’s another hair product you might be interested in. :-)  

It’s a coconut oil detangler that uses the conditioner recipe above. I haven’t tried this yet….but I can only imagine it does wonderful things for your hair as well. :-)

Coconut Oil Detangler

1 part coconut oil deep conditioner (see recipe above)
10 parts water
1 spray bottle
Combine 1 part coconut oil deep conditioner with 10 parts water in a large spray bottle.
After shampooing and rinsing, spray hair with Coconut Oil Detangler lightly as you comb (use a wide-tooth comb) to help work through tangles.