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17 Personal Care Products You Will Never Have To Buy Again #17

17 Personal Care Products You Will Never Have To Buy Again

17 Personal Care Products You Will Never Have To Buy Again


homemade wipes

WELCOME to “Save My Sanity Saturday” at One Good Thing By Jillee….where I attempt to avoid having a nervous breakdown by actually giving myself a day off from blogging once a week!
Here is an oldie but a goodie from all the way back on September 10, 2011……..
If you’ve read my blog lately…you’ll know I’m kind of on a “homemade” kick. Not necessarily homemade cookies, cakes and buns….but more along the lines of cleaning supplies, beauty products, etc.
I haven’t gone off the deep end and started making my own dishes or shoes or anything like that (of course, never say never!) but more and more I find myself looking for alternatives to the high-priced, over-packaged, chemical-filled stuff. Sure it’s economical, sure it’s the “green” thing to do…but quite frankly…what I like MORE is the feeling of accomplishment and “sticking it to the big corporations” that market this stuff. :-)
One thing I still buy and use are those disposable make-up remover cleansing cloths. I really dislike washing my eye makeup off in the sink with soap and water.  It’s just a messy proposition and I usually end up getting soap in my eyes and melted make up all over the sink, the counter and my white towels!

homemade wipes

Problem is…those makeup remover cloths are EXPEN$IVE! Especially the brand-name ones. So for quite awhile now I’ve been buying the cheapest, store brand ones. ButANOTHER problem is…the cheap ones are CHEAP for a reason.  They aren’t as soft and/or moist as their more expensive rivals. The last couple of months I have started adding my own lotion to them before I use them and it’s been a HUGE improvement! Makeup comes off much easier without unnecessary rubbing and pulling on your delicate eye skin…and it leaves your skin moisturized!
Tonight I saw an idea at for making your own wipes with all-natural ingredients you probably already have on hand.

coconut oil

The main ingredient (besides water) being coconut oil. Coconut oil is a fantastic addition because it contains Lauric Acid, which has natural antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, and soothing properties.
The process is so simple I’m not sure you even need a “tutorial”, but if you’re a VISUALperson and need pictures, here you go!

homemade wipes
homemade wipes


Cut a roll of paper towels in half, place each half in a container with a tight-fitting lid, then soak each half with 2 cups warm water and the desired mixture (see below). The ingredients differ only slightly depending on what kind of wipes you’re making.
After you have added the water, snap the lid on (you’ll have to smoosh it a bit to make it fit) and turn it upside down. Wait 5 to 10 minutes then turn the container right side up, take the lid off, and remove the cardboard tube in the center. It should come out easily. Now grab the first towel in the center of the roll and pop it up for easy dispensing!

Recipe for baby wipes:

4 cups warm water (one reader recommends DISTILLED water to inhibit the growth of mold),1-2 tablespoons Coconut Oil, and 1-2 squirts of baby wash, and/or 20 drops Lavender essential oil.

Recipe for makeup remover wipes:

4 cups warm water, 1-2 tablespoons Coconut Oil, 1-2 squirts of baby wash or favorite face wash, and/or 12 drops Frankincense, 12 drops Melaleuca, 12 drops Lavender essential oils.
Note: A couple of people who have tried this have said their wipes started developing mold within a couple of weeks. A couple of things to try are:  Making smaller batches so you are using them up faster….OR….adding some Melaleuca essential oil, which inhibits the growth of mold. I haven’t had the mold issue…but I live in SUCH a dry state, that might have something to do with it.

Recipe for cleaning wipes:

4 cups warm water, a few drops of your favorite concentrated cleaner, and/or 20 dropsLemon & 20 drops Lavender essential oil.  (Use coupon code JILLEE to save 10% on anySpark Naturals essential oils!)

Making homemade wipes takes just a few minutes of work and saves loads of money!