Wednesday, January 8, 2014

That's a Load of Crock!

I've gotten a couple of people wondering what my sudden interest in Crock Pot meals are and why I'm flooding my blog with them.

First- do they not look yummy? I mean seriously... C'mon!

Second- They are HELLA easy to make- I mean hella, and you can just put them on when you leave for work and then come back and BOOM- dinner.

Third- Easy Clean Up- I don't know about most people but I hate doing dishes- it ranks right up there with doing laundry- who in the world likes to do these things?!

So- I am scouring the Internet and bringing what I find to you- trust me- I will not post something that I would not serve in my own kitchen.

I just moved- so everything I own is in boxes and scattered over hell's half acre- when I get settled I plan to start posting some family recipes.

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