Friday, January 10, 2014

The Joys of Moving.

I've lived in this not so sleepy little town for going on three years now. In those three years I have moved- a LOT- and in doing so I've lost just about everything I ever owned furniture wise.  Part of it is my fault- I should not have moved but hey live and learn.

Now that I have moved YET AGAIN I'm stuck staring at the boxes that populate most of my living room and I can't help but think- when am I ever going to get stuff to put this crap on and more importantly-

Do I really need it?

Unfortunately most of this is something that I can't get rid of-

Family photos, momentos, books,

Important things.

But it is driving me crazy that it is all just boxed sitting there!

I can't materialize book shelves and furniture out of thin air but I am starting to wish I could!

In a way moving is like cleaning your room for adults- you discover a ton of stuff you forgot you had and you spend more time playing with it than unpacking.