Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why I Love My Mother.....(one reason among many)

If anyone was to ask me the parent I take after, it would be my Mom. We haven't always had the best relationship but I always know that when I go to her she will see where I am coming from...even if she tells me the way I see things, is the head up my ass view...

I recently got inducted into a Professional Fraternity Association of which has a chapter on my Campus. It was the most harrowing day of my life but so worth it, and afterwards we went........of the mall.

Earlier in the week we had been discussing Nookers getting in the trash can, and in true Mom fashion, she told in me Yoda, that I was mistaken...

And the following conversation is why I love my Mother:

Me: I made it! I am exhausted, but I made it!
Mom: Congratulations!

(At this point there is a 4 ft tall Lego Yoda in the Lego Store display so I send it to my mom)

Me: Why are you in the Austin Mall?
Mom:Very funny yes you are!
Me: OMG lol, I love you mom
Mom: Love you I do
Me: You're right, that wasn't a bag of shoes in your hand, that couldn't be you
Mom: Shoes' love them I do...bought 2 pair today I did

(For those of you who don't know my mom, she literally owns like 200 pairs of shoes)
(at this point i send her two pictures of the shoe WALL at Forever 21)

Me: You win the most awesome mom ever award
Mom: OMG! Where are you and why aren't I there?
Me: LOL, I was in forever 21 in the Brush Creek Mall in Austin
Mom: Why do I win that?
Me: Cause only my mom would text in Yoda. They have a Michael Kors here...apparently according to the other girls that's impressive. I think they are just ugly purses. 
Mom: OMG! Michael Kors! I LOVE his stuff! He is a judge on Project Runway!
Me: Yeah...there is one of this stores here and an apple store...
Mom: You are very wrong yes you are...think you not the purses are ugly...
Me: Trying to use the force on me mom....really?
Mom: The accessories for is strong with me..ummmm yes very strong indeed.

Awesome mom of the year award.....hands down....